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The first round of Clubmans 2021 at Donington was entertaining. Michmissile took class pole, a P2 and a race win, with a new lap record too.

The weather stayed dry for us all day. I took the class pole with a good margin lining up in P8 behind the 200hp CSP1’s, with Alex Champkin, Rodney Player and Morris Hart close behind. By turn One Morris had passed us all, I swear he has launch control on that car. Alex mugged me at the Old hairpin at the bottom of Craner Curves, clearly a little sleepy still after the winter, and a few CSP1’s were busy getting amongst us too. It was all going very wrong. I set about to chase and soon caught Morris, only to lock up and spin at Redgate. A bit ambitious on cold rear tyres I think. Thankfully I recovered the spin quickly and got back on it. Breaking the lap record chasing back a Safety car helped close things back up to give me another chance, but victory was well up the road in the form of Alex Champkin, making a guest appearance in the Phantom, my old nemesis from 2012. After a good overtake at Redgate in Morris I was still very pleased with 2nd after a bit of a disastrous start.

My Race 2 start was going to be better I said, how wrong could I be. Awful wheel spin again saw me quickly drop back to 4th in class, on the backfoot again. Unlucky for Morris he locked up and spun off at the chicane, so that left Rodney and Alex to hunt down… cutting a long story short this girl got it done, and took the win. Was soooo happy

Pole, P2, P1, New lap record.

not a bad days work.

#clubmanS #thisgirlcan #womeninmotorsport