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Michelle Hayward, the 'Michmissile' Clubmans racing driver from Wrexham hopes to win her third Championship title in 2022.

about michelle hayward

Michelle Hayward Stats



First ever race win, Formula Woman, Pembrey, 2006.

First Clubmans Championship win, 2018.

Funcup Spa 25hr sunrise stint and podium celebrations, 2016.

Portimao Funcup night race victory, 2017.

To win a third title and make history in Clubmans CSP2, in the hope of attracting a drive and sponsor to compete in the CSP1 class or a similar historic sports racing formula. 

To combine speed and endurance and compete at Le Mans 24hr.

Female racing driver, Michelle Hayward, from Wrexham first started karting with Club 100 whilst she was studying Maths & Physics at Warwick University. She worked at a go-kart track and then bought a 2-stroke TKM which she raced competitively at Shenington, Three Sisters and Glan-y-Gors following her graduation from University.

"I love a physical challenge and have always been attracted to speed and adrenaline sports. Having been a personal fitness trainer for over 10 years, and having had some pretty serious health setbacks over the years I am passionate about my health and fitness. I love being active and enjoy training hard and pushing myself to the limit. I am often one of the last ones at the bar at a party though."
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Recently becoming partner of a construction company PC Hughes Construction, in what little free time Michelle gets, she is often seen out running with her cocker spaniel. Her favourite hobbies include mountain-biking, skiing and mountaineering.

Michelle Hayward's journey into motor racing began in 2006 when she won a place on the Formula Woman grid in a Caterham Seven.



In 2005, Michelle had a bad motorbike accident which left her in hospital for 2 weeks with a broken hip. It was during this time that she first saw a television programme called Formula Woman on ITV. Amateur female drivers competing in the then new Mazda RX-8.

Later that year Michelle decided to follow her dream of becoming a racing driver, and had won her place on the grid of 16 females to compete in a Caterham Seven in the Formula Woman Championship following a series of fitness and driver assessments.

Michelle wins first race of the Formula Woman Championship at Pembrey

Michelle proved to be quick in both dry and wet conditions, comfortably winning the first Formula Woman race at Pembrey and leading the second race by a good margin until officials pulled the car for a phantom mechanical fault, dropping her down the order.

Michelle forced to withdraw from the Formula Woman Championship

Unfortunately Formula Woman demanded £10k funding from each of the chosen 16 drivers a month or so before the first event, having been unable to attract adequate sponsors to support the Championship.

Under the illusion and initial publication of ‘entering a ‘competition’ to win a race drive, Michelle was unable to raise sufficient finance in time and had to unfortunately withdraw from the competition.

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Michelle Hayward Clubmans racer, Michmissile Clubmans 

"I was so excited to get through the formula woman eliminations and win my place on the grid. I have always dreamed of becoming a racing driver with my ultimate ambition being to compete in the 24hr Le Mans race. I loved driving the Caterham Seven and was one of the fastest women on the grid. I won the first Championship round at Pembrey in damp conditions and was leading the second. I was devastated when I had to withdraw from the Championship due to insufficient funds, but I was soon offered a drive in a Clubmans car."
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In 2012, Michelle was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She had been suffering for over a year, but had repeatedly been told it was likely to be IBS. Following the removal of a large tumour, Michelle was more determined than ever to make a speedy recovery from surgery, to regain her fitness in time to race.

"Being told you have cancer is absolutely devastating, but I had been suffering for so long by that point I was just relieved to find out that the tumour could be removed and that I might get to feel better. The NHS were phenomenal, and I was undergoing surgery within 3 weeks. I feel so lucky. I am currently winning my battle with cancer. It has made me stronger, and even more determined to stay fit, fast and fearless"
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Having only ever competed at a few Clubmans rounds per year due to cost and time limitations, she decided to commit to the whole race season.

With her first ever brand new set of slicks, she qualified on the front row of the grid at Croft alongside local legend Daniel Gibson and went on to win her first ever Clubmans race. It was the first year she was able to compete at all race events, and she finished 2nd overall in the Championship.

Click here to view Results of Michelle’s first ever Clubmans win.

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In 2014, Michelle had to undergo major liver surgery after the cancer had spread. That year she had another attempt to win the Clubmans Championship, and briefly held the lead in the final race at Thruxton before an unfortunate spin at the chicane cost her the victory. She had to settle for a heart-breaking 2nd once again, one point adrift. 

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In 2014, Chris Webster approached her following an impressive performance in her Clubmans Mallock at Brands Hatch. He couldn’t believe that Michelle was able to be so competitive against machinery and teams with transporters and bigger budgets. The two clicked immediately, and he promised to one day introduce her to the world of endurance racing. The following year he launched a team in the FunCup Championship called Kinetix and they lined up on the grid at Brands Hatch in 2016 with team mate James Harrison.

About Funcup

Funcup is a formidable and highly competitive championship. There are so many elements that have to come together for a team to succeed. All drivers need to be quick and consistent. Driver changes need to be seamless. Pit-stop strategy and the ability of a team to react quickly to on-track events is absolutely critical. It is a fantastic endurance championship, fun both on and off track.

These distinctive ‘Herbie cars’ are race-designed using a unique and extremely strong space frame chassis, with a Beetle silhouette GRP bodywork. Powered by ultra-reliable, mid-mounted VW/Audi petrol engines, which are 1800cc and 130 bhp, matched to a reliable Sadev 5-Speed sequential gearbox with flat shift the cars are ultra tough. They benefit enormously from slip-streaming which keeps the racing very close combat and extremely entertaining for drivers and spectators.

Michelle and her Funcup team get a podium finish at Spa-Francorchamps

Michelle and her Kinetix team were 2nd best british team to finish in the 25 hour Spa race in Belgium in 2016, joined for the weekend by guest drivers Jade Edwards and Dennis Strandberg.



In 2017, Stuart Hall joined the team to bring along his vast racing experience and offer some driver coaching. There were moments of promise during the season but a UK podium still eluded team MAK racing. Ironically, it was during the Portugal night race that Michelle got to shine, bringing home a victory in the 3 hour night race.

Silverstone 2017, Stuart Hall joins the team
The MAK racing car sports some funky new camo livery

Unfortunately missing Webster himself due to illness, Michelle and her mechanic Mikey took the race start. A bit of luck with the safety car kept them in the hunt, and an exceptional final stint by Michelle played a major role in the team’s victory in Portimao, Oct 2017.

Portmao 2017, Michelle fires champagne from the podium
"Driving a funcup car fast is a big challenge. It was the first time I had driven a sequential box and been involved in endurance racing with pit stops and driver changes so there was a lot to learn. I am so grateful to Chris for giving me the opportunity. We had so much fun. Racing in the 25 hour race at Spa in Belgium, one of THE best circuits in the world, is a memory I will cherish forever, I absolutely loved it."
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Clubmans offer front-engined, “slicks and wings” racing across the leading motor-racing circuits in the UK. There are 4 distinct classes of car to suit varying budgets and experience. There is an element of freedom within the regulations to encourage engineering and development of these surprisingly quick sports prototypes.

The 4 distinct classes in Clubmans are CSP1, CSP2, CSPA and CSPB.


The CSP1 class is for the modern chassis with any 2 litre, 4 cylinder engine which produces no more than 200bhp. Six speed gear box and limited slip differential are also allowed. With the same power limit, motorcycle engine cars are also allowed up to 1600cc.


CSP2 class cars are all powered by the ubiquitous, almost bullet proof MG1600 engine. These engines are sealed engines ~130bhp – only the club nominated engine builders can work on them. This ensures that all engines are equal and costs are kept to a minimum.


The CSPA class is for chassis built before 1981 using highly developed 1700cc Ford Kent engines delivering up to 190 bhp. Cars must run in ‘period’ specification but with modern tyres specified by The Clubmans Register, currently Hankooks.


– CSPB is also for pre-1981 cars using slightly less powerful, but no less exciting to drive, Formula Ford 1600cc engines.

The Clubmans Register promote the formula and organise the race events with MSV, many of which sit alongside the GT Cup events and attract big crowds. The move from the BARC to MSV a few years ago has sparked new interest and promotion and the formula continues to grow in grid numbers and competition.

To find out more information about Clubmans, follow our Clubmans facebook page:

Clubmans Facebook page

Onboard footage and race videos can be found on our Youtube channel:

CSP Youtube channel

Clubmans Promotion

Clubmans cars have a long-standing history. A unique and distinctive formula of front-engined, rear wheel drive sports cars, with the 200hp class cars (CSP1) capable of achieving Formula 3 lap times.

Arthur mallock history



Following some engineering developments to her Mallock Mk27 (green/white livery), in 2018 Michelle returned to Clubmans faster and more determined than ever. It proved a decisive year for her in Clubmans, with her dominating the season against Morris Hart and multiple Championship winner Barry Webb, taking every pole position, 16/17 fastest laps, and 15/17 race wins.

She now competes in the Mallock Mk23 owned by Barry Webb, and continues to break lap records.

Click here to view the Championship Table Results.


Michelle proved a dominant force in 2018 and had a 4 page article published in the Autosport. She became the first ever female to top the National driver rankings. Read article here: Michelle Hayward Is The Driver To Watch! | Latest News | Motor-Vision



In 2021, Michelle competed in a 1979 Mallock Mk23, owned and prepared by multiple Clubmans Championship winner Barry Webb. In stunning red and white livery, the CSP2 car  proved to be both reliable and very quick in her hands, not mentioning one little incident at Snetterton, when the gear lever actually broke off in her hand during a downshift!

Clubmans Sports Prototype CSP2 battle between Michelle and Morris

Michelle took 5 out of 7 pole positions and claimed 12 out of a possible 18 fastest laps, including 3 new lap records. This combination of  outright pace and consistency helped Michelle clinch the CSP2 Championship title once again. 



In 2022, Michelle has been offered the opportunity to defend her Championship title in Clubmans CSP2, driving the Mallock Mk23 once again. Sporting the same stunning red and white livery, with an engine change over the winter, hopes to be both reliable and quick, but she needs your support in raising sufficient budget to complete the season.


If you would like to be a part of a successful racing team, and you enjoy a good social and the excitement of competitive motor racing please get in touch. We can offer UK wide exposure for your company brand, great social media content, live video stream filming broadcast from the Clubmans TV channel.